5 Types Of Men To Avoid At All Costs (Especially #5 – BIG Red Flag In Dating)

5 Types Of Men To Avoid At All Costs (Especially #5 – BIG Red Flag In Dating)

“5 Types Of Men To Avoid At All Costs (Especially #5 – BIG Red Flag In Dating)”


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In this video, Clayton and Jack talks about 5 Types of Men That You Want To Avoid At All Costs.

The purpose of this video is to help you be discerning with your time and to know when not to invest in getting to know a guy because in a way these are like five red flags.

There five things that you could spot super early on and getting to know a guy and if you were continuing to invest time in him.

[01:09] Type #1: The Married or “Taken” Man

The first one is the man who is either married or in a relationship. Now this one might seem obvious if you have not encountered it, but it can be really confusing to be in that relationship with somebody when for instance, there’s really this real feeling that are being passed back and forth. When you can feel the guy’s heart.

When he’s emotionally open and expressive and maybe even talking about leaving his wife or his partner to be with you. It can be hard to turn that down especially if you feel the realness of it; however, it’s one that you want to avoid because more times than not, it’s gonna lead to heartbreak.

[02:38] Type #2: The Guy Who Is on The Rebound

A guy who is still involved or very recently involved with someone else, and you know, I’ve been there. I’ve been that guy. It’s very hard to clearly see that you’re in a rebound. You almost need to go through the process of rebound.

[04:30] If you want to be his partner, don’t be his healer.

[05:04] Type #3: The Guy Who Is Living with His Parents

Maybe he’s living in mom’s basement and there’s gonna be a few variations on this but it’s basically a proxy for a guy who hasn’t really got his stuff together, right? How he said, “got his s**** together.” And he may be a nice guy, he may be a hot open guy, he may be a great guy in lots of ways, but this is kind of like he hasn’t slayed his own dragon.

Another way of saying this too is that he may be still in boyhood mentality and needing some type of initiation or the just the hard knocks of life there to usher him into a more adult man mentality.

[07:26] Type #4: The Broken Bird

This might be a man who is depressed. He’s really in debt. He’s been through some hard times. And it’s not necessarily that he’s been through the hard times that’s the problem but it’s how he’s holding those hard times and how perhaps, he’s emotionally and mentally still stuck in those hard times.

[09:25] Type #5: The Spin Artist

This is a guy who you know maybe he overtly lies early in the relationship and making an excuse for it.

He’s not really giving you the full truth or any time you try and pin him down or make him accountable for something. There’s always like a reason. There’s always an excuse. There’s always a mitigating factor. And there’s a kind of slipperiness to the energy.

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