Dating Your Way to a Girlfriend in 1 DAY | PMM Series Alvin

Dating Your Way to a Girlfriend in 1 DAY | PMM Series Alvin

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In this episode, you will learn a great deal of information on dating, what the current dating game is like, and what it takes to succeed in today’s dating environment. Expert advice provided in this video is based on Alvin’s real life interactions with girls that were arranged by our experienced dating consultant, stylist and matchmaker, Davida, who also educates and assists Alvin at every step of his journey.

01:54 Alvin’s introduction. Alvin talks about his experiences with girls and dating in general.

03:10 Davida is asking girls’ opinions in public to rank Alvin’s fashion sense from zero to ten prior to his fashion makeover.

04:38 Transformation day. Davida explains the process of Alvin’s fashion makeover, and gives valuable male fashion advice. Davida also emphasizes that good fashion taste is another important piece of a puzzle in a dating game.

05:42 Davida is asking girls’ opinions in public to rank Alvin’s fashion from zero to ten after the makeover process.

06:27 Davida is hooking up girls and Alvin to have a short ‘coffee break’ date.

06:55 Alvin is having his 1st interaction/conversation with Abi.

11:50 Abi provides feedback on the date with Alvin, what she liked/thinks about him based on their short interaction.

13:17 Alvin is having his 2nd interaction/conversation with a girl.

16:32 A girl provides feedback on her short date with Alvin.

17:32 Alvin reflects on his overall Proven Matchmaking dating experience and his transformation.

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