EYE CONTACT WITH WOMEN: How To Seduce A Woman With Your Eyes!

EYE CONTACT WITH WOMEN: How To Seduce A Woman With Your Eyes!

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When it comes to eye contact men often freak out. So why is it so hard to look at woman in the eye? There are many reasons, from cultural and religious conditioning that’s making men feel guilty to look at women in the first place let alone her eyes, to men worrying about showing an interest in women for fear of getting rejected again.

But I believe that the main problem is how EXCITING eye contact actually is. So shouldn’t we LOVE looking a beautiful woman that we’re attracted to deep in the eyes if it’s so exciting?

We should but we don’t. Because we’re so conditioned to NOT let excitement show, to suppress emotions at all times because we think they make us look and feel weak, out of control and generally “unmanly”. In other words, we’re generally uncomfortable with the intensity of eye contact and our physical reaction to it.

So we try to avoid it to stay calm, cool and to pretend that we don’t want the girl. Deep eye contact with a girl you’re attracted to is a bit like having sex. And that’s why men freak out.

Anyway…in the video I explain 2 types of eye contact and how to get better at it so if eye contact has been a problem for you start experimenting with these ways asap.

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