How YouTube Notifications Work

How YouTube Notifications Work

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Notifications are alerts sent when a new video is made public. They can be sent via mobile push alerts or emails. These tend to kickstart early traffic to your new uploads, but don’t necessarily drive the bulk of traffic.

By default, YouTube only sends occasional notifications from channels you watch a lot, or those you’re subscribed to. If subscribers want to receive notifications every time you make a new video public, they can tap the bell icon next to the ‘Subscribed’ button. Learn more.


• The best way to understand how notifications work is by subscribing and tapping the bell on other channels.

• Explain to your audience why their views are important and consider teaching your subscribers how to turn on notifications in a visual way on your channel by making a video with screen-shots.

• Celebrate your dedicated group of fans who have tapped the bell.
Make videos public when you think most of your viewers are awake and ready to watch.

• See how much watch time is generated when your channel appears in notifications, globally, by viewing your YouTube Analytics Traffic Sources report and clicking in the ‘Notifications’ box.

• If you think you should be getting notifications but aren’t, make sure on your mobile that notifications are turned on.

MYTH: “Subscribers receive notifications for all channels, for every upload.”

TRUTH: Subscribers who ring the bell receive every notification. Subscribers who don’t ring the bell receive notifications based on what leads to high engagement and low opt-out rates.

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