Meet Men at Whole Foods – Dating Tips For Women Meeting Men

Meet Men at Whole Foods – Dating Tips For Women Meeting Men

Divorced and single women are asking, “Where I meet men, specifically single marriage minded men?” Well ladies these guys maybe closer that you think. There maybe a Hottie in isle # 3.

You have to be observant and aware in every place you go and today that includes meeting men at Whole Foods grocery store.

Today we are going to talk about how to meet men during your normal everyday activities.

You know one of the reasons divorced women find it difficult to meet men is because they are not noticing all the opportunities that show up everyday.

Well today, we are going to show you how to think outside of the box when shopping at an upscale grocery store such as Whole Foods.

Remember, we all have to eat right? And that includes men that are single and divorced.

Next time you go shopping for your favorite goodies to eat and drink, you will also be shopping to meet men in a natural and easy way.

You don’t believe me?

Well just listen up to what I have to say.

What makes shopping at Whole Foods different is people love the experience.

Not only are the food items amazing, but the shoppers tend to be enthusiastic and upbeat about being there. And that creates a very friendly setting to strike up a conversation with another shopper.

In this case a male shopper tha could wind up as your date.

Now the first step when meeting a man while shopping is:

Do not be concerned if he is available or married.
It does not matter right now.
All that matters is you strike up a conversation with him.

Worst case is that you will have a great conversation with a really nice man who may be or may not be available.

Here is how it works.

Let’s pretend you are standing at the cheese display.
Ask the guy next to you if he has tried a variety of cheese from here and what is his favorite. The conversation will take off from there.

Or if you are standing by the bread display ask the guy next to you what his favorite bread is. You could say you are overwhelmed with all the choices.

Again the conversation will easily take off from there.

You see whatever isle you are in it is simple to start a conversation.

Because that is exactly what shoppers do all the time at Whole Foods.

You can strike up a conversation with a female or male shopper. You want to practice and getting good at interacting with everyone you come in contact with. Others will see this and instantly know that you are friendly and approachable.

I want you to strike up a conversation with at least 3 men during your shopping adventure each and every time you go to Whole Foods.

Now if you are thinking this is crazy, this not going to work, this is not where I will meet an available guy then think again.

This exactly the way many men and women have met and begun dating.

But if you don’t put out the effort to do this your right you won’t ever meet a guy while shopping at Whole Foods.

And consider this it is the most natural way to meet a single man. I have no proof of this, but I would venture to guess that a higher percentage of men that shop at the grocery store are single compared to the general population. Here’s why in most cases, men that are married are not the ones that do the grocery shopping. And pleeeze, you feminists out there don’t send me angry hate mail. This is just a fact of life, based upon my experience most husbands do not shop at the grocery store.

So single ladies, the percentages are in you favor when shopping for love in all the right places… like the local upscale grocery store.

And the more times you do this the better the odds that you will meet an available guy.
Who knows he may end up being Mr. Right.

So, here’s a tip: shop often and buy very little. Pretend that you don’t even own a refrigerator. That means no full or over flowing carts. Buy enough for one or maybe two days max. When you shop, linger, browse and be relaxed. You are not there NOT to quickly buy your munchies and get out. Take your time and be sure to check out the ‘man merchandise’ over in the frozen foods. He might just melt your Häagen-Dazs!

The choice is yours.

Step outside of the herd mentality and discover a much more exciting and fulfilling dating life after divorce.

Or just keep doing what you are doing, staying single and lonely.

But ask yourself if it is working for you?

In a future episode, I’ll share with you how to get the inside scoop on a man by doing what I call shopping cart anthropology. How you can tell what type of guy he is by checking out the contents of his cart.

Have you had any interesting romantic encounters in the grocery store?

Which section of the store have you had the best success?

If so, tell me more by commenting below.