What Women Want In A Man – Tips On How To Make Her Want You!

What Women Want In A Man – Tips On How To Make Her Want You!

What women want in a man is more of an emotional connection. In this video, I speak about how to attract women and how to be an attractive man. Men always think it’s about looks but its completely opposite. Men, what do women want? I give you 10 tips on what makes men attractive and also how to be more attractive. Follow these 10 tips and how to get a girl to like you will be answered. Attract women the right way and get the girl. What women want in a man is for you to be honest and completely show up. In this video, I give dating advice for men so you can get the girl!
Working with several women and being one myself this is my honest advice on what we look for in a man. Why? Because ultimately we want a man that is secure, honest and has ambition. We might want a lot more then just this which I will continue to break down in videos but it’s important that I talk about a couple of the main things women look for when it comes to deciding if she likes a man. Something I want to mention is a lot of men hide how they feel about a woman and if you like her you should show her through your actions and stick to your word! This is crucial when dating.
In this video, I give you tips on what to do and what not to do. So you can get the girl! For those of you in a relationship, this video will help you get a better understanding of how to put a smile on her face.
If there is anything that you take away from this video, it would be the maturity segment I discuss in this video. A woman that values herself and has confidence isn’t going to be someone you can just make your girlfriend. These women require work, but if you pay close attention to the key principles us ladies look for this doesn’t feel like work at all! I have worked with so many women, and I am one myself so I can guarantee the advice I give you in this video is critical to getting the woman you want.
Woman love to feel wanted as do you. Remember going after what you want is attractive. So if you like her, go get her!
Ladies, I would love to hear from you about the suggestions I share in this video.

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