You Know You're Living With a FRENCH MAN When… What it's REALLY like to date a French man!

You Know You're Living With a FRENCH MAN When… What it's REALLY like to date a French man!

Dating French men – oh la la! There’s a lot of curiosity around French relationships, how to date in France, French men, how to woo a french man, French women… And while there’s a lot of content out there on how to date a French man or the dating in France rules (aka you’re exclusive right away…), what about the next step? When you live with a French man? When you’re married to a Frenchman? When you start to notice those funny little habits?

This video is for anyone who is curious about French romance and wonders what it is really like to date a frenchman, dating in France vs US, or what French men are like (REALLY). We’re getting real and honest up in here!! We’re skipping past the stereotypes about dating French men and the French kissing and all that hoo-ha and going to the next step – what it is like to be in a real, day-to-day relationship with a French man.

Move over “You know you’re dating a french man when”….and enter “you know you’re LIVING with a French man when”… haha!
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It’s funny how there’s this huge fascination with French men dating, the dating in France culture, dating in France vs US…it makes me wonder how many of us are in a relationship with a Frenchman/French woman? Or is it just lots of us out there dreaming to be?!

And what about you…. Have you had experiences with French dating customs? Dating a French man? French courtship? What surprised you? What didn’t? Do you have any tips for how to date in France?
Let us know down below!

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